New Tredici Bacci album featuring JG Thirlwell contributions

The new Tredici Bacci album ‘Brave New World‘ will be released on March 31 2024. JG Thirlwell co-writes the music on two tracks, ‘Galaxia‘ and ‘Brave New World’, with long-time collaborator (and Bacci band leader) Simon Hanes. Thirlwell also wrote the lyrics on ‘Brave New World’. In addition, Tredici Bacci covers the Foetus classic ‘I Hate You All’, which features a lead vocal performance by JG Thirlwell.
You can order the album here.
In addition Tredici Bacci have a record release show at TV Eye in Queens NY on March 31 2024. JG Thirlwell will be turning up and lending some talents.