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Steroid Maximus

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JG Thirlwell at the Whitney Museum


Baby Zizanie

DJ Otefsu

Foetus: 2000-2001

Foetus: 1995-1997

Foetus: 1990


Foetus: 1988

Foetus: 1986

Wiseblood: 1986

Foetus: 1985

Foetus: 1984

JG Thirlwell and Soft Cell perform Suicide’s “Ghost Rider”, 1983

JG Thirlwell and Matt Johnson’s The The

Video Stills: “The Right Side of my Brain” Dir. Richard Kern

Video Stills: “Submit to Me” Dir. Richard Kern

Video Stills: “¡Male! ” 1990 Foetus in Excelsis Corruptus

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Narcissum Ascenda

JG Thirlwell’s sculpture entitled “Narcissum Ascenda”, was featured as part of the Teleport Färgfabfriken exhibition at Färgfabriken museum Ostersund, Sweden, April 1-3, 2008. It was constructed with plywood, plexiglass, mirrors and two way mirrors, LED’s with circuit boards and other materials.

Exit Magazine

Exit Magazine was a seminal NY underground oversized pulp art magazine founded in 1984 by George Petros (with Adam Parfrey) in opposition to both the underground and the establishment. Featuring contributions from many artists including Richard Kern, Lydia Lunch, Joe Coleman, Genesis P-Orridge, H. R. Giger, Michael Andros, Boyd Rice, Richard Ramirez, Michael Moynihan and James Mason. The final issue was published in 1994. Contributions by JG Thirlwell in last two issues:  front & back covers, inner covers and double page spreads.

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