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Alan Vega - You Pay / Too Many Teardrops album cover Alan Vega with Mr. Pharmacist You Pay / Too Many Teardrops (JG Thirlwell Remix) 2019
Faith No More Motherfucker (Calcitonin Mix) 2016
John Carpenter Abyss (JG Thirlwell Remix) 2015
Faith No More Motherfucker Remix 2014
COH Bond Number (JG Thirlwell Mix) 2014
Foetus Danger Global Warming 2013
Extra Life The Body Is True (JG Thirlwell Remix) 2011
Hydroze Plus Epi-Dose (Overcoat Remix) 2010
Zs New Slaves Remix 2010
Excepter Stretch (JG Thirlwell Remix) 2009
Current 93 Black Ships Ate The Sky II 2008
Foetus Mon Agonie Douce 2007
End The Sick Generation (El Lubo Mix) 2005

Norscq WaG (Proselyte Mix) 2002
Foetus The Need Machine (J.G. Thirlwell Mix) 2001
John Spencer Blues Explosion (feat. Andre Williams) Lap Dance (Jim Thirlwell Remix) 2000
Voïvod - Kronik album cover Voivod Forlorn (Remix) 1998
D.I.E. Fragile (Dragonnade Mix) 1998
Marilyn Manson The Not So Beautiful People (Remix) 1997
Danzig Sacrifice (Rust Mix) 1996
Nine Inch Nails Wish 1995
Pop Will Eat Itself Kick 2 Kill (Seersucker Mix) 1995
J.G. Thirlwell - Further Down The Spiral album art Nine Inch Nails Self Destruction, Part Two 1995
Pantera Walk (Cervical Mix), Walk (Cervical Dub Extended) 1994
The The Dogs Of Lust (Germicide Mix), Dogs Of Lust (Squirmicide Mix) 1993
Cult* She Sells Sanctuary (Slutnostic Mix) 1993
Cranes Clear (Ultra Slim Fast Mix), Clear (Boll Weevil Mix) 1993
Fight Nailed To The Gun (Bulletproof Mix) 1993
Front 242 Religion (Pussy Whipped Mix), Religion (Lovelace A Go-Go Mix) 1993
Ethyl Meatplow Ripened Peach (Burnt To A Crisp

Prong Prove You Wrong (Xanax Mix), Prove You Wrong (Fuzzbuster Mix) 1992
Jarboe Red (Trance Mix) 1992
Red Hot Chili
If You Want Me To Stay (Pink Mustang Mix), If You Want Me To Stay (Jingle Hell Mix) 1992
Murder Inc.) Mania (Righteous Mix) 1992
Pantera Hostile Mixes 1992
Daniel Ash Get Out Of Control (Prostrated Mix), Get Out Of Control (Thyroidinal Mix), Get Out Of Control (Aortolesque Mix) 1992
The Beyond Empire (Radiation Cocktail Mix)  1991
Swans Power 1991
EMF I Believe (Incremental Foetus Remix), Lies (Megastress Mix), I Believe (Colt 45 Mix) 1990
Pig Shit For Brains (Greazey Mix) 1989

Commissioned Work

Kronos Quartet “Nomatophobis” (2005)
Bang On A Can “Anabiosis” (2005)
League of Mechanical Urban Robots “Prosopagnosia” (2007)
Kronos Quartet “Eremikophobia” (2009)
Experiments In Opera “The Travel Agency Is On Fire” (2015)
Zephyr Quartet “Ozymandias” (2015)
Kronos Quartet “Allodynia” (2015)
Jeffrey Zeigler “Rubatosis” (2016)
James Ilgenfritz “Xigliox” (2017)
String Orchestra Of Brooklyn “Exulansis” (2019)
Dither “Feather Mask” (2019)
Decibel (2020)
Alarm Will Sound (2021)

Sound Installations

Ecclesipphobia Santarcangelo Festival (2011)
Otitis Interna Sound Around Kaliningrad (2012)
Morning Line Vienna (2012)
In Memoriam Gotland (2019)

With sculptures or films by Anne Senstad:
Color Kinaesthesia (2009)
The Sugarcane Labyrinth (2012)
The Lockerplant Projections (2014)
Swamp (2015)
Time Beyond Place (2017)
Radical Light (2020)
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Zola Jesus Versions (2011)
“Teenage Dream” Marc Almond (2018)
“Ballrooms Of Mars” Emily Haines (2018)
Helm Chemical Flowers (2019)
William Basinski “Disintegration Loops IV” (2020/21)

Scoring work (selected highlights)

Fingered (short) (1986)
Submit To Me Now(short) (1987)
The Gun Is Loaded (short) (1989)
Kiss Napoleon Goodbye (1990)
The Atrocity Exhibitoon (feature) (2000)
Venture Bros TV series (2003-2018)
The Blue Eyes (feature) (2012)
Chuy (documentary) (2014)
Norfolk (feature) (2015)
Archer TV series (2016-2022)
Imponderable (feature) (2016)
Nightmare Cinema (feature) (2018)
Top Ramen (short) (2018)
Tough Love (short) (2018)