JG Thirlwell guests on Mike Pride’s MDC tribute

Mike Pride has taken material from punk band MDC’s iconic 1982 debut album, Millions of Dead Cops, and reinterpreted the songs as jazz standards. On the album, entitled I Hate Work, the virtuosic drummer Pride is accompanied by pianist Jamie Saft and bassist Bradley Christopher Jones. It was released on Nov 19 2021 on Rare Noise Records.
JG Thirlwell guests-vocalizes on the track ‘America’s So Straight’. A video for the song was directed by Anais Blondet, which you can see here.
The album also features appearances by Mick Barr (Ocrilim, Krallice), Sam Mickens (The Dead Science) and MDC frontman Dave Dictor.

JGT DJ's at Maze Festival at Secret Project Robot

You Are Here

JG Thirlwell is schedule to make a rare DJ appearance on July 12 2012 at You Are Here Festival (aka The Maze!), which will be held at Secret Project Robot in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
The art duo Trouble will build a gigantic maze into the gallery and have booked a month of performances inside of it. The festival consists of 4 weeks of performance and time-based arts events in the life size maze installation.
The evening JG DJ’s will feature performances by Miho Hatori’s New Optimism, Z’s , Bachanalia, Anne Liv Young. Subsequent nights of the festival will feature performances by Mick Barr, Lucky Dragons, Das Racist DJ’s, Hunter Hunt Hendrix’ Kel Valhaal, Loud Objects, Jack Quartet, Amen Dunes, Noveller and many more. You can read about the project on the Vice Noisy website, and even contribute to a Kickstarter with which they hope to fund a maze in Berlin.