Ken Jacobs film with Manorexia score at Sundance

Ken Jacobs’ film Seeking The Monkey King, which has a score by JG Thirlwell, will be showing in the Short Film Program at the Sundance Film Festival. The score is drawn and re-edited from the Manorexia album Dinoflagellate Blooms. The New York Times said ” “Seeking the Monkey King” is a reminder that, in a world of continuously streaming images, an artist like Mr. Jacobs challenges the tyranny of visual uniformity, and not simply with angry words. His work opens your ears and mind, and, simply put, has no like in the multiplex, the art house or even most festivals.” The film was just cited as one of the best of 2011 by Village Voice critic J.Hoberman.

The film will show at the following times in Utah:

01/23/12 4:00 p.m. Redstone Cinema 7, Park City
01/24/12 9:00 p.m. Tower Theatre, Salt Lake City
01/25/12 5:30 p.m. Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
01/28/12 6:15 p.m. Holiday Village Cinema 2, Park City