Foetus ACHE white vinyl reissue

Ectopic Ents is proud to announce the long-awaited vinyl reissue of the second Foetus album, ACHE, to coincide with it’s 40th anniversary. Released under the moniker You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath, the ACHE album was originally released in 1982 on JG Thirlwell’s Self Immolation label, whilst he was resident in London. It was recorded at Lavender Sound studio in South London and engineered by Harlan Cockburn.

On its release it was acclaimed by the music press, John Peel and even cited by Leonard Cohen on more than one occasion. Over the years the album has become a highly sought-after collectors item.

The 2022 reissue was meticulously remastered by Josh Bonati and is pressed on white vinyl in a limited run of 1000. The album is packaged with a reproduction of the original promo poster from the album and a download code for the album in either high quality 320kbps mp3 or wav files. In addition, each order includes a 5″ x 5″ sticker of the album cover art personally signed by JG Thirlwell. You can order the album at The Shoppe.

Ache is possessed by a bristling, maniacal intelligence which spews out a jostling, surreal collage of subverted musical and verbal cliches, wired word associations, epigrams and sheer invective with frantic urgency and gleeful black humor. Ache is one of the most violently compelling records I’ve heard in ages.” Mat Snow, NME 12.11.1982

Foetus “Instead…I Became Anenome” lyric video

We have just published a brand new lyric video for the classic Foetus track ‘Instead…I Became Anenome’ to coincide with the 40th anniversary white vinyl re-issue of the second Foetus album ACHE. The song is the final song on the acclaimed album and the lyrics were quoted by Leonard Cohen on more than one occasion.

The video was created in 2022 by JG Thirlwell. You can watch it here at the JG Thirlwell YouTube channel.