JGT at E.S.P. TV

259812_10151806883808747_486869026_nJG Thirlwell will perform a short set for E.S.P. TV‘s Live Taping Trilogy during their Spring Residency at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City on April 13 2013. E.S.P. TV, founded by Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie, is a nomadic showcase of primarily NYC-based experimental music, video art and performance tapes live and produced for Manhattan Neighborhood Network public television. Tapings of E.S.P. TV are in front of an audience with live green-screening, signal manipulation and analog video mixing. The entire night is recorded to BETA and edited into half hour episodes for airing on cable TV in New York City. After airing, the episodes are posted online at here for later viewing. Also performing that night will be Cult Of Youth, Shawn O’Sullivan, Driphouse, Greg Zifcak, Nat Roe, Naval Cassidy, plus Dana Bell & Sam Consiglio. The evening will be hosted by Don Stahl and Ted Shumaker.(Giggles)

A Celebration of Music Videos in the New Millenium

2/11/12 marks the opening of “A Celebration of Music Videos in the New Millenium” at Secret Project Robot gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The opening will feature the premiere of the new K-Holes video by Sebastian Mlynarski plus a performance by Knyfe Hyts. Videos in the exhibition include Foetus / JG Thirlwell, Animal Collective, Black Dice, YeahYeahYeahs, Panda Bear, Maya, Mirror Mirror, Aids Wolf, Psychic Ills, Cult Of Youth, Brian Chippendale, Pendu NYC, Ssion, Hair Jail, Pop 1280, Danny Perez, Black Bananas, Pterodactyl and many more.

Here’s what Secret Project Robot say about the show….”Reality TV did not kill the video star! They have reemerged, healthy, safe and in greater number than ever- on your computer screen. Indeed the internet has created a renaissance and a new specificity for music videos with a new cultural identity of active participants, consumers, creators and critics all trading places.

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Music videos are no longer simply ingenious marketing devices. The internet and the proliferation of inexpensive audio video technology be it a smart phone or a digital camera opens the playing field for any producer or band to make a video that unlike the past- may go mass at any moment without the help of conventional media outlets.
The music video in the 21st century is a hybrid of forms and purposes, at first glance an impersonal piece of media clutter a reminder of our daily dose of sensory overload but on second thought a unification of art forms and a communal experience of music… Technology allows that making music videos be fun.”

Secret Project Robot is in Brooklyn, NY, located at 389 Melrose between Knickerbocker and Flushing/Irving, near Morgan or Jefferson L subway.