Transmissions / Assemble ensemble at Ace Hotel in NYC

assemble_v3 (1)JG Thirlwell will be participating in a Performance of RAFT’s Transmissions in A and E on October 19 at the Ace Hotel in NYC. RAFT is the project of Pat Noecker (These Are Powers, Liars, No Things). RAFT gathers performers from NYC underground + experimental music scenes, scatters them around a room, and sets them loose — creating a personalized, fully immersive music experience that alters depending where you’re standing. The performance, in it’s simplest form is 11 musicians working to sustain the notes of A and E.

For this performance RAFT will be joined by Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Dana Schechter, Melissa Moore, Rachel Mason, Sabisha Friedberg, Brian Chase, Daniel Schlett, Greg Fox, Pat Spadine and JG Thirlwell.

The Ace Hotel is located at 20 West 29 street NY 10001