Sarsen Circle

TONE49DSarsen Circle is a live recording made at Phill Niblock‘s Experimental Intermedia space during the celebration of Touch’s 30th anniversary. Conducted and organized by Touch’s Mike Harding, the recording feature JG Thirlwell along with Philip Jeck, Lary 7, Brian Turner, “GenKen” Montgomery and a host of others. It is available on download only from Touch here.The full personnel of the recording is Marcus Davidson – percussion; Mike Harding – Conductor (& percussion); Philip Jeck – Casio SK1 keyboard, effects, mixing desk and MD player; Dave Knapik – radio, iphones, Buddha Machine, Polaroid 450 Land camera, Knockman toys: the Pororon and the ChaCha, and police scanner; Lary 7 – contrabass; Ken Montgomery – Slepian Modified Casiotone M-10, Trogtronics 655 Black Box & Kaoss Pad; JG Thirlwell – laptop, keyboard; Brian Turner – guitar/amp; Andrea, The Enchantress of Bioluminosity – Zils.