Nino Ferrer Revisited

Optical Sound, the label that brought you the Hydroze Plus 10″, has released an album of interpretations of the seminal late singer Nino Ferrer on April 2, 2012. Entitled Objets Noirs et Choses Carrees : Nino Ferrer revisited, the album feature JG Thirlwell’s rendition of Ferrer’s classic La Rua Madureira. Other artists covering Ferrer on the album include Norscq, Étienne Charry, The Garçon, Bernard Szajner, Complot, Klimperei, Molypop, Les Hautsdeplerfond, Les Denise Glaser, La Kuizine, David Fenech, Cocoon, Toupidak Limonade, Non Finito Orchestra. Palo Alto featuring Laurent Pernice and Lefdup, Lefdup and Lefdup featuring Arthur Ferrari and Charlie Cole.

Nino Ferrer was a popular French singer who began his career in the mid 1960’s. He committed suicide in 1998.