JGT-scored "Time Beyond Place" installation opens in Oslo

AKS_COVER_+ANNEAnne Senstad‘s video installation work Time Beyond Place will open at the K4 Galleri, Københavngata 4 Oslo, Norway 0553 on Sept 29 2017 . The video is scored by JG Thirlwell and the show is curated by Bjørn Hatterud.Senstad’s video work presents a visual narrative of artists Ghada Da , Zahrah Alghamdi , Anne Katrine Senstad and Jameela Mater’s thematic engagements in Asiri cultural history. The initiative Time Beyond PlaceThe Cultural Bridge was established by Anne Senstad in Saudi Arabia as an all-women cross cultural art production platform examining ways of responding to preservation of cultural heritage, vernacular architecture, memory and domesticity through contemporary art practices.