JG Thirlwell scores Tony Oursler film

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.16.03 PMJG Thirlwell is composing a new musical score to Tony Oursler‘s film project Imponderable, which opens at the LUMA Foundation in Arles, France on July 6, 2015. Imponderable is a two part project composed of a book and film, based on Oursler’s personal archive of photographs, publications and unique objects, tracking a social, spiritual and intellectual history dating back to the early 18th century.

The 4D film Imponderable gives voice to the archive, focusing on a small group of important images involving a very personal family story with very public characters; it explores the contrasting and overlapping belief systems implicit within his grandfather’s engagement with the debunking of paranormal activity in the ’20s.

The book Imponderable spans 600 pages, with over 1200 full color images and 10 scholarly essays. The material covers a diverse range of topics including: spirit photography, stage magic, color theory, alchemy, satan worship, cults, hypnotism, pseudoscience, religion, angels, oracles, apparitions, electricity, auras, thought photography, UFOs, and much more.

The film will show as a site specific installation at LUMA until September 20.