Foetus Inc. : Somnambulumdrum

Release Information

Flexi Sep1990 Self Immolation / Reflex #WOMBFLEX 1 Made in the US

Track Listing

01. Somnambulumdrum [3:44]

Linear Notes

Flexi #13  Volume 2  Issue 2

Composed, performed, produced and engineered by J. G. Thirlwell for Foetus Inc at Self Immolation Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Published by Self Immolation Music

Release Notes

A flexi-disc (“sound sheet”, as Eva-Tone, the manufacturers, prefer to say) included with issue #14 (Volume #2, Issue #2) of Reflex magazine.  Flip side is “It’s All The Same” by Quit.

This track also appears in the same form on the various artists Mesomorph Enduros LP, the Null / Void double CDEP, and the Gonzo Circus magazine compilation CD, Mind The Gap #9, under the title “Incesticide”.