The delivery of Hydroze Plus

os045-mailing-1The collaboration between JG Thirlwell and Fred Bigot is now finally released by the French art/music label Optical Sound.
Under the name Hydroze Plus, the release is a clear vinyl ten inch EP. The EP consists of the songs “Overcoat” and “Calm Calm”, as well asĀ  JG’s remix of “Overcoat”, which is entitled “Epi-Dose”, and Bigot’s remix of “Calm Calm”, which is entitled “Belladonna”.

The packaging, designed by JG Thirlwell, is particularly unusual and unique. It is designed to resemble an anatomical text book with transparent layers. The eyeball appears on the label which is overlaid by a transparent plastic sheet which is screenprinted with the face’s musculature. The card behind the transparent record depicts the skull., and it is wrapped around with a flap that contains the credit.
This is an extremely limited vinyl-only release only available from Optical Sound. It will be available digitally from Ectopic Ents at a later date.

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