2001 Inhifi.com Thirlwell’s Top Ten Tracks

DJ OTEFSU (aka J.G.Thirlwell/FOETUS)

1 France Gall – “Poupee de son” (Polydor France)
2 Mandingo -“Mandingo/Sacrifice”,”Mandingo/Savage Rite” (Zonophone)
3 Roy Budd – “Buddism” (Castle)
4 Lalo Schifrin – “Bullit” soundtrack (rerecorded) (Aleph Records)
5 Various Artists -Ultra Chicks Vols 1-6 (bootlegs)
6 Jerry Goldsmith “In like Flint/Just Like Flint” OST (Varese Sarabande)
7 Various Artists -Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend Vols 3 & 4 (Blow Up)
8 Nino Rota – “Juliet Of The Spirits” OST (Mainstream Records)
9 Nuggets – Luke Vibert’s selection (Lo Recordings)
10 David Axelrod -“Songs of Experience”/”Songs of Innocence” (Capitol)

Source Inhi-fi.com