1999 Satan Stole My Teddy Bear Review of Foetus’ Null/Void

Satan Stole My Teddy Bear Review of Foetus’ Null/Void, Oct 1999


When Jim “Foetus” Thirlwell signed to Columbia back in ’94 or so, there were supposed to be a couple companion singles released along with Gash called Null and Void. While Gash was readily available (and eventually ended up in nearly every single used CD store in existence), the two EPs were much harder to find. Null did show up from time to time, but Void was impossible to find. Obviously Columbia Records had high hopes that Foetus would somehow become the next Nine Inch Nails, but alas that wasn’t going to happen. Fortunately for Foetus fans, Cleopatra re-released these two EPs in one handy double digipack. Both discs feature tracks from Gash both in studio and remixed form. Many of the unreleased tracks here are simply Gash outtakes and feature the same stylistic sound of that album. I personally think Thirlwell was onto something with his dense, chaotic “big-band-gone-bad” wall of sound from that era. “Verklemmt” and “Friend or Foe” are two of the more accessible songs, but they’re still busy and best listened to with a pair of good headphones. Thirlwell has always been one to plug a lot of information into his music. If you have Gash, this digipack is highly recommended as a companion.

Track listing:
1. Verklemmt (vid mix)
2. Be thankful
3. Verklemmt (protecto mix)
4. Butter
5. Into the light
6. Verklemmt (queef mix)

7. Friend or foe
8. Incesticide
9. See Dick run
10. Flux
11. Friend or foe (unhugged mix)
12. Iris evergreen

Review by John Chedsey.