1997 Seconds Magazine Review Foetus:Null/Void


For Foetus fans who won’t attempt to categorize his sound, this double-CD EP release proves the validity of their refusal. The nearly radio-friendly sludgery of “Verklemmt” and the spooky escapism of “Into The Light” represent both ends of J.G. Thirlwell’s musical spectrum. Herein are such masterpieces as “Be Thankful,” “Verklemmt” (Queef Mix), a remix of “Verklemmt” (the Protecto Mix,which exudes the secret Techno/Trance influences that Thirlwell has been harboring for so long), and “Butter,” a raucous Rock & Roll romp through Thirlwell’s reduction of his own persona on to magnetic tape. “Incesticide” harkens back to J.G.’s Wiseblood days with with massive drum and bass pokes. erhaps the skin-crawlingist of all Foetus tracks is “See Dick Run”, backed by twisted Romper Room nap-time tinklings and talking-doll dialogue. Thirlwell describes his version of the Dick And Jane children’s book series, replete with Jane’s brains splattered on the kitchen wall. A left-over from the Gash LP sessions, “Flux” features the Heresey Horns, Tod Ashley (Cop shoot Cop, Firewater), Marc Ribot (Lounge Lizards, Tom Waits), and Vinnie Signorelli (Unsane, Swans), and it looms large – detective music gorged with a brass section. On the Blues-y “Friend Or Foe” (Unhugged Mix), Thirlwell surprises everyone with help from Marcellus Hall (Railroad Jerk) on aching harp. Also included in the set is “Iris Evergreen,” a nine-and-a-half minute dancefloor throb that only serves to further solidify Foetus as being the obvious Electro-Industrial influence of choice.

Seconds magazine, Issue #43 (1997), by Daniel Langdon Jones