1997 Satan Stole My Teddy Bear Review of Foetus’ Gash

Satan Stole My Teddy Bear Review of Foetus’ Gash, Dec 1997


Thirlwell’s major label debut (and probably the only one that will be on a major as this just didn’t go over with the NIN crowd). Some of the stuff here is so busy and harsh that it’s difficult to assimilate. Other tracks, such as the keyboard driven “They Are Not So True” or the dead on “Verklemmt” are quite good. The most powerful tracks are the eleven minute big band swing of “Slung” and the horns-enhanced “Mutapump” which harness a whole new style for Thirlwell. The latter is perhaps the most incredible Foetus track yet. This album is best suited for headphones where you can pick out all the nuances of the packed Thirlwell production. An effort worth every moment spent working to appreciate.

Track listing:
1. Mortgage
2. Mighty whity
3. Friend or foe
4. Hammer falls
5. Downfall
6. Take it outside godboy
7. Verklemmt
8. They are not so true
9. Slung
10. Steal your life away
11. Mutapump
12. See ya later

Review by John Chedsey.