1997 Interface Magazine Review Foetus: York

FOETUS: Null/Void

These are the long delayed EP’s that were to accompany the release of Gash, finally made readily available in this nice 2 CD digipack. Each CD is six songs long and is a blend of remixes and unreleased tracks. Null has three mixes of “Verklemmt” (you can never have too many versions of that song), along with “Be Thankful,” “Butter,” and “Into The Light.” Void contains two mixes of “Friend Or Foe,” as well as “Incesticide,” “See Dick Run,” “Flux,” and “Iris Evergreen.” If you were fond of Gash, then this collection will suit you just fine. Musically, the style is identical, and just as happy and care-free. It’s Foetus, so that means you need to buy it. [Cleopatra] -Dave Henderson

Source: Interface magazine of Spring 1997, version 4.1.