1995 Asylem Review of Foetus: GASH

Asylem Review of GASH, 1995.

Columbia 1995

By Demian Wright

Welcome to the Industrial music 101 boys and girls – J.G. Thirlwell has been doing this kind of thing as Foetus since long before Nine Inch Nails came on the scene, and he still does it better. Gash is thrash-punk-metal industrial at its best. This is t he first full length album offered by Foetus since 1988 and the first ever released on a major label. Gash succeeds in thrashing us in places, hitting us with an intense floor shaking deep and resonant drumbeat in others, and sometimes expertly combining the two sounds. With this release, Thirlwell will hopefully alert the commercial world to his status as one of the forefathers of modern industrial music.

This is a great harsh and driving album on which actual instruments are actually played instead of manipulated by the electronic/techno taint which overshadows so much industrial music these days.

1. Mortgage
2. Mighty Whity
3. Friend or Foe
4. Hammer Falls
5. Downfall
6. Take It Outside Godboy
7. Verklemmt
8. They Are Not So True
9. Slung
10. Steal Your Life Away
11. Mutapump
12. See Ya Later