1990 CMJ Magazine Review Foetus: Butterfly Potion

FOETUS INC: Butterfly Potion

Following in the shadow of his retro resurrection of the ghosts of Foetus past, this single is comprised of new material and gives us a peek at the musical animation series that is Foetus present, this time Incorporated, and in the world of the Ninja turtle. The midtempo drive of guitar and vocal angst on “Butterfly Potion,” the nationalist drone of “Your Salvation” and the speed-driven assault of instruments on “Free James Brown (so he can run me down)” builds the wall in which Jim Thirwell superimposes B-grade horror matinee tinkerings with the keyboard and treated voice samples. Imagine Fritz Lang’s Metropolis with Japanese subtitles being shown in Red Square with this as its soundtrack.

CMJ New Music Report, Issue# 201 (03 Aug 1990), author unknown.