WISEBLOOD: “Stumbo”/”Someone (Drowned In My Pool)”

Wiseblood started as a one-song project. It grew. Its current list of participants includes legendary New York guitarist Robert Quine (ex-Voidoids, Lou Reed), Rolli Mosimann and Norman Westberg (the Swans), Clint Ruin (a.k.a. Jim Thirwell/Foetus) and many others. “Stumbo” is their new 12″, which precedes an LP. The A-side reeks of its principal collaborators, Thirwell and Mosimann; the clanging of Foetus’s grand instrumentation and grinding guitar finds itself integrated into the dark, industrial dance throb of the Swans’ recent works. Then there’s the blues-based death-rock/gospel of “Someone (Drowned In My Pool),” as cheesey as the latest Nick Cave LP, with Quine’s trademark brilliant leads thrown in for good measure. Get ready for one scary LP.

CMJ New Music Report, Issue# 112 (27 Feb 1987), author unknown.