1985 NME Reviews Foetus of Excellence


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PROOF THAT, where records are concerned, packaging has become far more important than the music, has now been confirmed by the release of Jim Foetus’ The Foetus Of Excellence’, a Some Bizzare boxed-set that contains no records but merely a crest adorned T-shirt in a fetching shade of black.

Playing the shirt on the resident Dansette, massed NME critic offered no judgment on the release’s musical value – though one was heard to claim that it was equal to Stiff’s memorable ‘Wit and Wisdom Of Ronald Reagan’ though hi-fi freaks among the gathering were unanimous in there verdict that the sound quality was decidedly on the woolly side.

If the box now charts – and it could qualify undr(sic) BPI regulations as long as no free album is attached as an added come-on-expect Phil Collin’ ‘No Jacket Required’ to be reissued as a parcel pullover, Spear Of Destiny’s ‘World Service’ to appear as a leather bound copy of Radio Times and U2’s ‘Unforgettable Fire’ to be refurbished as limited edition box of Bryant and Mays.

Source: NME 21 September 1985, Author, Fred Dellar