We’ve heard about this record from a few of our reporters and never have forgotten the name-couldn’t have if we wanted to. Scraping Foetus isn’t meant for everyone (or maybe it is?) but they will take you places you may never wish to go again. Almost as danceable as it is disturbing, and almost as humorous as it is threatening, J.G. Thiriwell (Mr. Foetus) and Co. bombard the listener with marching band-industrial rhythms, cabaret histrionics (what a stage show this would make!) and perversely clever beat poetry, all with a provocative delivery. The music and lyrics favor such haunting themes as the holocaust, lust and the Land Down Under (and we ain’t talkin’ Australia). Hole (the package contains a bonus 4-song 12″ from other Foetus works such as You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath) features “Sick-Man”-an ominous stomp that builds to a full-blown finish with “Sick-Man” sung to the tune of “Batman.” There’s also the down and dirty “Hot Horse,” which makes Captain Beefheart and Root Boy Slim about as drastic as Wally and the Beave; “Satan’s Place,” a techno-surf horror a la the Residents (complete with chants of papa-oom-mow-mow); and “A Cold Day In Hell,” a bone-chilling account of concentration camp torture. Other faves you won’t hear on hit radio include: “Water Torture,” “Lust For Death” and “I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby.” Wanna writhe in the belly of the beast? Wanna dance with the demons? Wanna shock your listeners? Play the Scraping Foetus record and suffer the consequences.

CMJ New Music Report, Issue# 63 (05 Apr 1985), author unknown.