Foetus: Soak

Release Information


Released & Distributed through Ectopic Ents 10/15/2013

Initial CD quantities of SOAK include a 5″ x 5″ sticker of the front cover, signed by JG Thirlwell.

Track Listing

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01. Red and Black and Gray and White
02. Pratheism
03. Alabaster
04. Warm Leatherette
05. Kamikaze
06. Halloween / Turbulence
07. La Rua Madureira
08. Danger Global Warming (JG Thirlwell remix)
09. Spat
10. Cosmetics (Secret Chiefs 3 remix)
11. Mesmerin

Release Notes

SOAK is a companion/satellite album to the previous Foetus release HIDE. Some of the tracks on SOAK were begun at the same time as the HIDE sessions or recorded since, but provide a conceptual progression and/or expansion on some of the themes and ideas of HIDE.

For legal reasons, the track “Danger Global Warming: JG Thirlwell remix” is only available on CD and not on the digital version of the album.