Steroid Maximus: Gondwanaland

Release Information

LP 1992 Big Cat #ABB 37 Made in the UK
CD 1992 Big Cat #ABB 37 CD Made in the UK

Track Listing

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01. ¡Quilombo! (J. G. Thirlwell / Raymond Watts)0
02. Radio Raheem (Thirlwell / Watts)
03. First Movement: The Trojan Hearse (Thirlwell / Watts)0
04. Second Movement: The Auctioneer of Souls (Thirlwell / Watts)
05. Third Movement: Crawling Goliath (Thirlwell / Watts)
06. Fourth Movement: Erupture (Thirlwell / Watts)
07. Life in the Greenhouse Effect (Thirlwell / Lucy Hamilton)2
08. I Will Love You Always (Wild Irish Rose) (Thirlwell / Don Flemming)
09. Cross Double Cross (Thirlwell / Mark Cunningham)
10. Destino Matar (Thirlwell / Away)
11. Volgarity (Thirlwell)
12. Öl Kwik-Lube (Thirlwell / Roli Mosimann)
13. Powerhouse! (Raymond Scott)
14. Homeo (Thirlwell / Away)

Linear Notes

¡Quilombo!, Radio Raheem, and The Bowel Of Beelzebub: A Symphony In Four Movements (all 4 movements) by Thirlwell / Watts.

Life In The Greenhouse Effect by Thirlwell / Hamilton.

I Will Love You Always (Wild Irish Rose) by Thirlwell / Fleming.

Destino Matar by Thirlwell / Cunningham.

Cross Double Cross and Homeo by Thirlwell / Away.

Öl (Kwik-Lube) by Thirlwell / Mosimann

Powerhouse! by Raymond Scott.

Volgarity by Thirlwell.

Created by J.G. Thirlwell with these additional ingredients:

Raymondo Watts (on ¡Quilombo!, Radio Raheem, and The Bowel Of Beelzebub: A Symphony In Four Movements (all 4 movements)).

Lucy Hamilton (on Life In The Greenhouse Effect).

Don Fleming (on I Will Love You Always (Wild Irish Rose)).

Mark Cunningham (on Destino Matar).

Away (courtesy of Mechanic / MCA) (on Cross Double Cross and Homeo).

Roli Mosimann (on Öl (Kwik-Lube)).

The Pizz & Buttstain (on Powerhouse!).

Contains trace elements of the following additional ingredients:

Lin Culbertson – Flute on ¡Quilombo!

Hahn Rowe – Violin on Destino Matar.

Produced, engineered, arranged and mixed by J.G. Thirlwell at Self-Immolation Studios, Brooklyn NY  Summer 89 – Summer 90

Packaging by Mark O and J.G. Thirlwell.

Release Notes

¡Quilombo! and Life In The Greenhouse Effect also appear on the Steroid Maximus Quilombo release.

Volgarity also appears on the flexi disc from The Catalogue magazine, as well as on the Various Artists Volume 4 CD compilation.

Powerhouse! also appears on the Garage Monsters Powerhouse! 7″, and was originally by The Raymond Scott Orchestra in the 1930′s.