Hydroze Plus

Release Information

2010, Optical Sound Release: OS-045

10″ LP Clear Vinyl + 4 colors silkscreen on transparent + Offset R/V Print,
in clear hard PVC plastic bag, released by Optical Sound, June 2010.

Limited Edition of 500.

Track Listing

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Face A
01. Overcoat (4’45)
02. Belladonna (4’18)
(CalmCalm remix by Fred Bigot)

03. Epi-Dose (4’18)
(Overcoat remix by JG Thirlwell)
40. CalmCalm (5’36)

Linear Notes

Hydroze Plus is Fred Bigot : instruments & music
JG Thirlwell : vocals & lyrics
Composed by Fred Bigot (GEMA) and JG Thirlwell (Ectopic Music)
Recorded at Nolite Studio, Berlin, 2005-2009 with
additional recording at Self Immolation Studios, Brooklyn.

Sleeve designed by JG Thirlwell
Mastered by Norscq

Merci à Jeff Fisher, Catriona Shaw, Can Oral, Laura Lindgren,
Ken Swezey, Heung-Heung Chin.
Produced by Hydroze Plus
OS-045, 2010

Release Notes

Hydroze Plus is a collaboration between JG Thirlwell and Fred Bigot of Electronicat. Recorded in Berlin in spurts over the last few years and released by French label Optical Sound in June 2010.

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