Foetus: (not adam)

Release Information

CDEP Nov2004 Ectopic Entertainment / Birdman #Ect Ents 026 / BMR 072 Made in the US

Track Listing

01. “(Not Adam)” – 4:16
02. “Miracle (Jay Wasco Remix)” – 4:42
03. “Not In Your Hands” – 5:22
04. “Time Marches On (End Remix)” – 3:36

Linear Notes

01  From the foetus album LOVE

02  Remixed and remodelled with additional production and arrangements by Jay Wasco and his inflatable plastic orchestra (original version on foetus LOVE)  rhythm guitar by Kurt Wolfe

03  Unavailable elsewhere

04  Remix and additional production by End (aka Charles Peirce) (original version on foetus LOVE)

All songs written, produced and directed by J.G. Thirlwell except where noted  published by Ectopic Music an Ectopic Entertainment  Ect Ents 026  released by Birdman BMR 072

Image of NGC 604 Nebula courtesy of the Hubble Project  image of Saturn courtesy of Cassini-Huygens Mission/NASA  sleeve design J.G. Thirlwell merci à Knox Chandler, Heung-Heung Chin