Foetus: Love

Release Information

CD+DVD Jul2005 Ectopic Entertainment / Birdman #Ect Ents 027 / BMR 073 Made in the US

Track Listing

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01. (Not Adam)
02. Mon Agonie Douce
03. Aladdin Reverse
04. Miracle
05. Don’t Want Me Anymore
06. Blessed Evening
07. Pareidolia
08. Thrush* with Jennifer Charles
09. Time Marches On
10. How to Vibrate

Love: The Videos
01. Blessed Evening (directed by Karen O, lensed by Spike Jonze)
02. (Not Adam)” (directed by Jeremy Solterbeck)

Love: The Short Films (Only with first Pressing)
01. How to Vibrate (directed by Kurt Ralske)
02. Mon Agonie Douce (directed by Clément Tuffreau)

01. I’ll Meet You in Poland Baby (taken from the Male DVD)
02. Mary Magdalene” (performed by Rotoskop and featuring vocals by J. G. Thirlwell)
03. The Venture Bros. 5 trailers (score by J. G. Thirlwell)
04. A Foetus Life: A Documentary on J. G. Thirlwell 2 trailers (directed by Clément Tuffreau)
05. Verklemmt (directed by Alex Winter) (“hidden” title 17, not available via the menus)

Linear Notes

Performed, recorded and mixed by j.g.thirlwell at self immolation studios,brooklyn.

All instruments by j.g.thirlwell except:
Pamelia Kurstin – theremin on 7
Jeff Davidson – trumpet on 9
Christian Gibbs – guitar on 9
Kurt Wolf – rhythm guitars on 4
and special guest Jennifer Charles – vocals on 8

All songs composed and arranged by JG Thirlwell
Published by ectopic music/ascap

produced by JG Thirlwell

Mastered by scott hull at hit factory mastering, nyc
Sleeve design by JG Thirlwell
Art direction by heung-heung chin

Ectopic ents po box 1085 canal street station nyc 10013
an ectopic entertainment
Release by birdman records
Ect ents 027

(not adam) is dedicated to the memory of myriam

Merci a: kitty hartl, david sefton, steve bernstein, matt johnson, alex hacke and danielle depicciotto, marita, marylene, tada, teho, rok, noel ackchote & magda blaszczuk, jim coleman, chris mcculloch, daniel langdon jones, norscq, clement tuffreau, quentin jennings, heung-heung chin and john zorn.


Love, Foetus’s brilliant return to recording after a five-year hiatus…. As he’s progressed, his work has become increasingly textured and intricately composed, often taking on a cinematic grandeur in the process….an immersive, emotionally charged tour de force from an underground icon who shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.
-Benjamin Hill, PrefixMag

I used to have both…It was a complete nightmare…So search ” Xanax Online” on “” and follow the doctor’s recommendations.

…The album as a whole may feel like a far less dissonant and troublesome offspring than previous Foetus outings, which in some ways brings it closer to the spirit of the cinematic, orchestrated sound orgies of Steroid Maximus or the creeping electronic tension of Manorexia, Thirlwell’s two major para Foetus projects. But Thirlwell has kept his morbid sense of humour intact as well as his penchant for combining musical elements that few other artists would be able to manage to fuse together in the same song. Thus “Love” collides the sensual with the brute, the minimalistic with the baroque, harpsichord en masse with brutal guitars. What truly astonishes me is the way Thirlwell manages to push his skills as a producer and arranger as well as songwriter. The songs bristle with nuances, and the orchestral elements appear more fully fleshed out and realised than ever. “(not adam)” and “Blessed Evening” are perfected cinematic scenarios, with Thirlwell’s voice taking center stage supported by back projected orchestras going through the moves in a noir soundscape. “Mon agonie douce” sees him adopting a perverted Jaques Brel persona, but everything mutates into a blurry scenario where harpsichords are strangled in backalleys while Thirlwell’s sampler gets blackmailed into committing indescribable acts of perversions. “Aladdin Reverse” isn’t just a pun on David Bowie’s already punning “Aladdin Sane”, but also the most conventionally Foetus-sounding track – if there even is such a thing – in its anguished aggression. Over crashing guitars and roaring strings, a tormented Thirlwell lets us know that he’s not just “a lad in reverse”, but also “Dorian Gray in reverse”. It might be ironic, but it’s the most intense moment of an album that impresses with its ability to alter the Foetus DNA even further, bringing Thirlwell’s most persistent project farther into the evolutionary maze he’s been strolling through since 1980.
-Krisstoffer Nohedon, Release Mag

That’s the Love experience. It may not sound anything like actual love, but when it’s over, you’ll feel as if you’ve been pulled backward through a hedge, beaten with sticks, jabbed with needles and thrown from a moving car. You might be alarmed at the prospect of diving into it again right away, but you’ll succumb in the end, drawn by the dazzling, breathtaking thrills and the optimistic belief that you know what to expect this time around. Thirlwell delivers the bombast, the brutality and the sleaze, as always: a series of emotional highs and lows, steeped in musical pop culture and infused with a healthy respect for excess. If it leaves you sweaty, shaking and tingling all over, that means it works, right.
– George Zahora , Splendid Mag