Foetus In Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe: Male DVD

Release Information

VHS 1992 Visionary JE 268 GB
VHS 1993 Self Immolation/Atavistic ATV 24 US
DVD 2003 Self Immolation/Atavistic ATV 2736 US

Track Listing

Disc one
01. Free James Brown
02. Fin
03. Hot Horse
04. English Faggot
05. Faith Healer (Alex Harvey / Hugh McKenna)
06. Honey I’m Home (Thirlwell / Roli Mosimann)
07. Butterfly Potion
08. I’ll Meet You in Poland Baby

Disc two
01. Anything (Viva!)
02. Death Rape 2000
03. Puppet Dude (Thirlwell / Don Fleming / Jay Spiegel / Jim Dunbar)
04. Stumbo (Thirlwell / Mosimann)
05. Someone Drowned in My Pool
06. Behemoth (TAD)
07. Your Salvation

Linear Notes

Clint Ruin – vocals
Algis Kizys – Bass
David Ouimet – Samplers, Trombone
Norman Westberg – Guitar
Hahn Rowe – Violin, Guitar
Vinnie Signorelli – drums

J. G. Thirlwell – Production, execution
Mark Ohe – Execution
Martin Bisi – Mastering

Release Notes

In 1993, a year after the album hit stores, the Male performance was released as concert film on VHS by Self Immolation/Atavistic. Instead of a straight video of the concert, the Male film applies simple video effects to the raw footage. A DVD version of the film was released by Music Video Distributions in 2003.

* Death Rape 2000, Stumbo, and Someone Drowned in My Pool originally by Thirlwell’s Wiseblood project.
* Faith Healer is a cover of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
* Behemoth is a cover of TAD.
* Puppet Dude is a reworked cover of Elton John’s Rocket Man.


The renaissance man of the underground, Jim Thirwell’s body of work is not only large but also diverse, given his roles as musician, producer, label owner and artist. Using different pseudonyms to delineate each direction, Thirwell not only changes hats from project to project but also within projects. This live benediction abridges his achievements, gathering many of his long-time collaborators to perform selections pulled from 10 years of work. Monstrous production transforms the soundboard at CBGB into a clean, colorful explosion of high frequencies and low magnitudes. Thirwell’s vocals growl heinous exclamations against a voluptuous background, created by the sticky keyboards of David Ouimet (ex-Cop Shoot Cop), the unconventional violin of Hahn Rowe (Hugo Largo) and a group of ex-Swans: Algis Kizys (also Of Cabbages And Kings) on boundless bass, Norman Westberg (also Sugartime) on frivolous guitar and Vinnie Signorelli on drums. Traveling over the top, each element explodes into a gluttonous frenzy – an excessive musical extravaganza that makes you want to scream along with the overpowering obliteration.

CMJ New Music Report, Issue# 289 (19 Jun 1992), by Christina Zafiris.