Foetus/Faust/Stereolab: Überschall 1996

Release Information

7″ 1996 Die Stadt #ÜS 96 1 / FREE 2 / 011 Made in Germany

Track Listing

Side A
01. Stereolab – “Percolations” – 3:22
02. Faust – “Right Between Yr Eyes” – 2:45

Side B
01. Foetus – “Herds”

Release Notes

Überschall 1996 is a 7″ split record containing songs from Faust, Stereolab, and Foetus. The record was produced as a limited edition of 2,000 pressings in conjunction with the 1996 Überschall Festival in Bremen, Germany. Some of the records were distributed for free at the festival, and the remainder were distributed equally to the bands to do as they wished.

Linear Notes

unreleased song

All rights J.G. Thirlwell