Foetus: Null

Release Information

12″EP 1995 Big Cat #ABB 87T Made in the UK
12″EP 1995 Sony/Columbia #C66666 Made in the US
CDEP 1995 Big Cat #ABB 87S CD Made in the UK
CDEP 1995 Sony / Columbia (advance) #ACD66666 Made in the US
CDEP 1995 Sony / Columbia #CK66666 Made in the US

Track Listing

12″ Face A:
01. Verklemmt
02. Be Thankful
03. Verklemmt (Protecto Mix)

12″ Face B:
04. Butter
05. Into The Light
06. Verklemmt (Queef Mix)

Linear Notes

Composed, Produced, Arranged, and Performed by J.G. Thirlwell

All tracks written by J.G. Thirlwell

Engineered by Rob Sutton

Recorded and Mixed at Unique, NYC

Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, NYC

An Ectopic Entertainment Production

Self Immolation/Ectopic Ents.

Art Direction: J.G. Thirlwell/Brian Freeman

Graphic Artist: Jean Carbain

Release Notes

Tracks 2-6 also appear on the Null / Void double CDEP.

“Verklemmt” appears in the same form on Gash, the Verklemmt / Be Thankful 7″ picture disc, and the CMJ #20 CD.

“Butter” appears in the same form on the f cd 15 CD.

The 12″ came with a lyric sheet insert, and the CDEP’s lyric sheet was part of the fold-out jewel case insert.

The Sony / Columbia CDEP’s were promo-only in the US, then immediately went out of print when Sony / Columbia and Thirlwell parted ways in late 1995.


Over the past decade and a half, Jim Thirlwell (a k a Foetus) has not only recorded over 15 releases mainly as a one-man band, with the occasional assistance of other noted musicians, but he has also assumed the role of producer and remixer for many established acts, such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pantera, Nine Inch Nails, EMF, Nick Cave and White Zombie. Touching on everything from dance, metal and rock to big band, jazz and surf the eccentric Foetus sound is a difficult one to describe, but “Verklemmt,” the first single on both the Null EP and the band’s forthcoming full-length album Gash, leans more toward the heavy, darker side of the musical spectrum with loud, distorted bursts of crushing chaos layered within an explosive mix of gruff, evil vocals, wailing guitars and hard techno beats. The EP also features two different extended mixes of “Verklemmt” and an additional three tracks that will not be included on Gash: the sonic gnash of “Be Thankful,” the spattering blast of “Butter” and the eerie, luminous glow of “Into The Light.”

CMJ New Music Report, Issue# 419 (20 Mar 1995), by Jenni Glenn.