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Thursday, June 21
Foetus w/ Easy Action & X-27
Empty Bottle, 10pm
Initially, Jim "Foetus" Thirlwell's disdain for sonic niceties sounds like that of another act from Melbourne, Australia: the post-punk terrorist outfit The Birthday Party.  But after a few songs, the differences become clearer.  Foetus' new Flow features extreme industrial bombast juxtaposed with lounge music - polar opposites that make sense together, at least in Foetus' unique world.  This rare tour appearance will no doubt entice the faithful, which is also great for newcomers: As passionate as Foetus' recordings are, his barely contained explosions work best when his rabid audience is around.

Original source: The Onion, Volume 37, Number 23 (21 - 27 June 2001)

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23 Jun '01.