The Radiolarian Ooze
(Ectopic Entertainment)
Eerie soundscapes and warped ambience from that nice Mr Foetus.
ONE OF these days someone will make a film that is sufficiently surreal and macabre to suit the harrowing strangeness that continues to emanate from the dark recesses of JG Thirlwell's skull.  Manorexia, like the maverick loon's Steroid Maximus project, make soundtracks for your filthiest dreams and most disturbing nightmares.
  Best listened to on headphones, in a room lit only by powerful, eye-popping strobelights, The Radiolarian Ooze is as warped and compelling as any of Thirlwell's Foetus output, and twice as unfathomable.  If only the countless lesser talents who trail in the great man's wake had this much imagination; sounds with this much evocative power and atmospheric intelligence are woefully few and far between.

Original source: Kerrang!, Dom Lawson
© 2003 Kerrang!

04 Mar '03