Thirsty Ear

Rating: 8 out of a possible 10
Another barrage of brass, big beats and crass jokes.
Either Foetus has gotten much better at what he does, or it's been so long since he dropped a major release that his "style" has actually been missed.  Either way, Flow is a great summer dance-party disc for those with an emotional core built of throbbing, unresolved misanthropy and a burning need for blaring brass charts and snarky puns.  This is the best Foetus record in about 12 years.  It's got all the pounding beats and twisted big-band aggression of classics like 1984's Hole and 1985's Nail, without the emphasis on guitars that marred later efforts like Rife.

Original source: Alternative Press,  issue # 157 (cover dated Aug '01), by Phil Freeman

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05 Jul '01.