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Author Topic: Searching for Holy Grail JGT tracks... the struggle... oh, the struggle...  (Read 2237 times)

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jgt is many things, and incredibly prolific is near the top of a long list.

jim's productivity is one of the elements that makes obsessively collecting every entry on the "textual discography" such a joy; there is always one more thing you absolutely must find using all your wits and wiles. you can buy lots of it, thankfully, but still more will send you searching through endless bins in countless used records stores and trolling through every ebay auction looking for the next rare track you just gotta have.

amongst us completist foetus fiends, there are a number of "holy grail" tracks that have foiled us time and time again due to their utter unavailability. the harder you look and the less you find, the more you yearn for it and the harder you look, until said rarest of rare items because a mythical golden nugget of foetus history you absolutely must have.

one of these, for me anyway, is the remix JGT did for a track called "nod off" by a band called skeleton key from their '90s album "fantastic spikes through balloon." you can pretty easily get the regular version of the album on ebay or even, as i did, by doing an inter-library loan, but the remix only appeared on the deluxe 2-cd version of the album, which is, apparently, exceedingly rare. what makes it so intriguing for me is that the original tracks is short, like just over three minutes, and it really rocks... and the remix of this three-minute song that already rocks is something like eight minutes long... which means... man... that's a whole lotta foetus in there. it surely MUST be the very best remix he ever did, and the harder i look and the more leads that fall silent, the better it gets in my head.

well, i am happy to report that one of my holy grail tracks has finally been added to my collection, and since it is now freely-available to check out on the internet, i am free to share it with you.

JGT has done quite a bit of work with MTV, especially in the '90s with the show "MTV Sports," and he scored two 30-second promos for MTV2 that aired in the early '00s. the music was original and unavailable anywhere in any form, and the two pieces were called "lollygagger" and "social anxiety disorder." try as i might, i could not find these fucking things anywhere on the internets. nothing. not even a mention. nothing on youtube. nothing on vimeo. nothing anywhere. where are you going to look for a 30-second commercial that aired on cable 15 years ago?

well, you go directly to the director of the videos, who, in this case, was one matt bass.

and guess what he went and did?

ladies and gentlemen, for the first time since it aired in the early oughts, i present the JGT-scored MTV2 bumper called "social anxiety disorder."


thanks, matt!

p.s. alas, the video for "lollygagger" is lost to the ether. the director said he couldn't find it anywhere, and it never made it to the internet. alas.

p.p.s. just so you know... i fucking FOUND "lollygagger," bitches, and it is really about as good as a 30-second song can be, but i can't share it since it is not readily available on the net. so... if you are suddenly filled with the mad desire to find it... know this... it's out there... somewhere... you just gotta know where to look.

p.p.p.s. if you should have the JGT remix version of "nod off" by skeleton key, well... we can talk... in fact, get a hold of me ASAP.


by the way, here is my current list of unattainables that have thus far eluded me, either because of their unreleasedness or unrecordedness or out-of-printness. there are currently ZERO plans to actually release or re-release any of these items, so they seem fated to remain holy grail items for some time to come, if not forever.

1] "xigliox" solo contrabass piece for James Ilgenfritz.

2] James Ilgenfritz commissioned jgt to do a piece for “the travel agency is on fire” to be performed by the anagram ensemble.

3] “ice blast” and “boast” from “Exposed” movie about burlesque.

4] soundtrack to tony oursler’s “imponderable” project.

5] “chuy, el hombre lobo” soundtrack.

6] "eremikophobia," by kronos quartet

7] "nomatophobis," by kronos quartet

8] "euthanasia" (from "the morning line" in vienna)

9] full ecclesophobia (not just the edited-down version on the teho tehardo thing...

10] “Cat And Mouse” (an unreleased Don Fleming / Foetus track).

11] "Prosopagnosia."

12] "bad bad world" live with jennifer charles.

13] miasma : a meditation on dimensional densities through concurrent temporal passages.

14]  “threnody pour une sucette.”

15] "otitis interna."

16] "hydrophobia" by jgt string quartet debuted at NMASS.

17] "Narcolepsy" string quartet at the noguchi museem.

18] skeleton key, “nod off” remix from “fantastic spike through balloon” 2cd special edition

19] "jones" (early version of steroid song used by mtv)

20] "our blessed sacrament" studio version, by baby zizanie.

21] CONGO NORVELL's "You Can Lay With Dogs" remix.

22] EMILIO CUBEIRO's "It's All Desert Now” remix.

23] FIGHT's "Nailed To The Gun" bulletproof mix.

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Re: Searching for Holy Grail JGT tracks... the struggle... oh, the struggle...
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Can help you with one of them, check your PM's... :)