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Other Projects / Ghost Rider on Soft Cell box set
« Last post by maarten on July 24, 2018, 10:42:23 AM »
Noticed the new Soft Cell box set ‘Keychains & Snowstorms – The Soft Cell Story’ has a DVD which includes this:

Soul Inside + Ghost Rider (with Clint Ruin)

Steroid Maximus / Gondwanaland vinyl.
« Last post by ianw23 on July 07, 2018, 06:34:50 AM »
It’s listed on both discographies here on foetus.org but not listed in Discogs. Does it exist? Is there anybody out there? 
Other Projects / Re: Early Collaborations
« Last post by FatherMasturbator on March 28, 2018, 06:04:04 PM »
Performs on the track 'Absent Old Queen Underfoot' by NWW from Insect and Individual Silenced:


Other Projects / Early Collaborations
« Last post by FatherMasturbator on March 28, 2018, 05:51:09 PM »
So I thought I could post some early collaborations Jim did with various acts such as Come, Nurse With Wound and Current 93:

Let's start with a couple...

Features in the track 'Untitled' by Nurse With Wound from 1981


Contributes vocals to the track "Nylon Coverin' Body Smotherin'" by NWW/Current 93 from 1984


Interesting stuff...
Other Projects / Re: Xordox
« Last post by hughesta on January 03, 2018, 01:08:45 AM »
Album's been helping me sleep lately. Really incredible mixing on this project.
Foetus / Re: Japanese CD Issues
« Last post by FatherMasturbator on September 20, 2017, 08:50:14 PM »
I don't know. I am missing The Sisters of Mercy tribute album, so I have my eye on a copy of that. I'm sure I'll come across something unusual or unexpected.
Foetus / Re: Japanese CD Issues
« Last post by logrey on September 20, 2017, 07:26:20 AM »
Congrats on obtaining the final Japanese issues. So, now you've done that...what's next?
Foetus / Re: Japanese CD Issues
« Last post by FatherMasturbator on September 14, 2017, 10:34:16 AM »
Managed to get ACHE & DEAF eventually, although the former was without the obi strip, but came with the Japanese insert, and was a great price. Just waiting for them to arrive now.

I'm just keeping y'all updated as I know you follow this thread avidly...
Foetus / Re: Foetus haves and have nots
« Last post by FatherMasturbator on September 14, 2017, 10:28:46 AM »
The PVC version of HOLE is on sale via Discogs here:


It's a decent price, but it does come with a small tear on the booklet. Depends how fussy you are, but this edition doesn't come up for sale very often. I only got my copy recently after having it in my wantlist for years.

Quite a few of the others are for sale in the Shoppe on this here website.

NAIL/HOLE/THAW - depends if you are looking for original/reissue versions or Digipak remasters.

There are copies of Hydroze Plus available to buy here as they are not available from the official source any more:


Give us an update on your wantlist and I'll see what else I can find for you.

Other Projects / Xordox
« Last post by maarten on May 23, 2017, 02:34:07 PM »
New album for a new project, available for preorder and one track preview.
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