Manorexia: Volvox Turbo

Tapping into his instincts, Thirlwell completed the instrumental Volvox Turbo, album within six weeks (a record time for him) and released this exclusively through the online shop. An intensely psychological symphony, the album orbits several multiethnic soundscapes - from Moroccan to Martian - and manipulates those studio mistakes others try to avoid into 14 strangely compelling merging movements. It's been called "a noir narrative filled with anticipation, foreboding and icy climaxes." It resonates more with deep listening.
File Size: 146.4 mb

The Hardened Artery
Ice on the Equator
Zithromax Jitters
A Womb is Waiting
Tiki Envy
Toxodon Mourning
The Cringe Factory
Melting at the Temple
Tongue of Uncertainty
Tubercular Bells

Price: $9.99

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