Manorexia: The Radiolarian Ooze

Sometimes darkly disorienting, sometimes rhythmic and occasionally almost treading on Steroid Maximus territory, the first thirty-five minutes (eight pieces), gradually build to a frenzy, through soundscapes, alien ethnicities, passing the eavesdropped sounds of sinister goings-on, on into haunting lullabies culminating in a epic eleven-minute-plus chase-opera.The second part of the album, the final four pieces, are beautiful and twisted and enveloping, sometimes best listened to in a semi-somnambulistic state; by the end, the listener may find themselves in paroxysms of ecstasy at the beauty and sadness and strangeness and other-wordly quality of this cycle.
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Planet Of The Aches
The Harpoon Jockey
Backwards From "Z"
Confessions Of Zsolt Vadaszffy
Fluorescent Radiation
Canaries In The Mineshaft
The Edison Medicine
Chloe Dont Know Im Alive
Cosmos Brutile
Armadillo Stance
Self Inflicted Concussions...

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