JG Thirlwell: Imponderable – Original Soundtrack

JG Thirlwell has created the original musical score for Tony Oursler’s feature-length film/installation Imponderable. The CD is packaged in deluxe digipack with silver foil lettering with a 48 page color booklet containing stills from the film and images from Oursler’s archive of supernatural and occult phenomena.

01 Supernatural Bloodmourn 02 Sleep 03 Houdini's Lament 04 Symphony VII Part II 05 Spark of Life 06 Demonologia 07 Faerie Bust 08 Ectoplasm 09 The Controlling Spirit 10 The History Of Magic 11 Giggle Water 12 Chinese Ghost 13 Night Nurse Chant 14 Night Nurse

Price: $13.00

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