Foetus: Vein

To regard VEIN as purely a remix album is to underestimate its intentions and ambitions. VEIN has material from 2005's LOVE fractured and re-imagined by some of today's most notable artists. It is an immersive, powerful and sometimes harrowing cinematic journey through sound and emotion. Includes contributions by Fennesz, Mike Patton, Jay Wasco, TujikoNuriko, Jason Forrest, TRZTN (of Services), Tweaker, Matmos, TomRecchion and J.G.  Thirlwell.

Pareidolia (Fennesz remix)
How To Vibrate (Mike Patton remix)
Mon Agonie Douce (J.G. Thirlwell remix)
L'overture (Jay Wasco remix)
Don't Want Me Anymore (Tujiko Nuriko remix)
Not Adam (Jason Forrest remix)
Thrush (TRZTN remix feat. Jennifer Charles)
Aladdin Reverse (Tweaker remix)
Not in Yr Hands (Matmos remix)
Corrodia Gravis (Tom Recchion remix)

Price: $13.00

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