Foetus: LIMB CD + DVD + 48-page Book

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LIMB is an archival release of experimental and minimalist compositions recorded from 1980-1983, from the early days of Foetus and pre-Foetus. 

Though the material is largely unreleased, some of the pieces have been previously released on the compilation albums by Coil and United Dairies. Some were excavated and some of it was reconstructed or re-edited from compositions on cassette. One piece is constructed from an organ part written in 1982, which JG took the liberty of finishing in 2008. These pieces were made before the introduction of MIDI and sampling technology. It shows the lineage and genesis of some of the methods that JG is working in today. LIMB is released as a deluxe double disc package. The music disc contains 12 tracks at 50+ minutes with an additional 20 minute bonus mp3 track. The second disc is a DVD on which director Clement Tuffreau kindly allowed us to include his 2005 documentary about JG Thirlwell, NYC FOETUS with this package. The film features interviews with JG Thirlwell, Matt Johnson, Alex Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten), Michael Gira, Richard Kern, Lydia Lunch, Martin Bisi and Elysian Fields along with a lot of never before seen footage of Foetus, Steroid Maximus, Manorexia and more. There is also 45 minutes of bonus extras, comprised of Steroid Maximus 18 piece ensemble live in France, Foetus live in Hannover, Manorexia live at The Stone NYC and a snippet of JG's LEMUR commission at 3 Legged Dog in NYC. The film is subtitled in French.

This deluxe package also contains a 48 page perfect bound book with minimal designs by JGT (all in his signature red, white, gray and black palette). This is all held in an attractive sturdy plastic slipcase printed with another of JG's designs.

The DVD is available in NTSC or PAL format (chosen when ordering), both region-free.

Sick Minutes (Ectopic Version) 8'39"
Ezekiel's Wheels 1'38"
Te Deum 4'50"
The Anxious Figure 4'03"
Primordial Industry 6'12"
Industrial Go-Slow 3'37"
That We Forbid 2'49"
Sjogren's Syndrome 7'17"
Echolation 1'22"
TO 45 Tag 1'37"
Piano Piece 4'03"
The Caterpillar Kid 5'52"
Bonus track: You Have To Obey  20'00"
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