With compliments… JG Thirlwell’s albums have received both year-end and decade-end accolades

Some of JG Thirlwell’s albums have been receiving both year-end and decade-end accolades.

Two Foetus albums are tied for the honor of number one album of the decade by the venerable website Popshifter: Foetus Love and Foetus Damp.

Spectre Collie names the Venture Bros album as one of the two best albums of the year .

And in the Brainwashed reader polls, JG Thirlwell’s The Venture Bros soundtrack was voted #27 album of the year, while Foetus Limb was voted #21 in “from the vaults” album of the year:

“An incredible record from one of the most talented composers still standing. I hope this achievement will serve as an appropriate intro to any cinematic producer as I will gladly see any Hollywood blockbuster film that this genius scores.” – Jon Whitney on The Venture Bros:The Music of JG Thirlwell

“I strongly feel that this deserves a much higher place on the list. J.G. Thirlwell released two very solid records in 2009, and this one came with both great music and a great video documentary. Anyone that cares about Foetus, or even Nurse with Wound, Coil, Swans, or Einstürzende Neubauten would do well to re-visit this. Thirlwell isn’t just a genius, he has to be one of the hardest working guys in the business. That fact shines through on this compilation. Limb also shows just how forward thinking Thirlwell has always been.” – Lucas Schleicher on Foetus Limb

Thanks to all the writers and voters for their support!