Performance Photos

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JG Thirlwell at the Whitney Museum

Steroid Maximus


Baby Zizanie

DJ Otefsu

Foetus: 2000-2001

Foetus: 1995-1997

Foetus: 1990


Foetus: 1988

Foetus: 1986

Wiseblood: 1986

Foetus: 1985

Foetus: 1984

JG Thirlwell and Soft Cell perform Suicide’s “Ghost Rider”, 1983

JG Thirlwell and Matt Johnson’s The The

Video Stills: “The Right Side of my Brain” Dir. Richard Kern

Video Stills: “Submit to Me” Dir. Richard Kern

Video Stills: “¡Male! ” 1990 Foetus in Excelsis Corruptus